Pony Club

The Pony Club is the starting point for anyone who wants to ride and care for horses. Membership is open to anyone up to the age of 25 and you don't need your own pony! Members can learn a range of skills through our popular Badge scheme and gain sew-on badges to prove their knowledge. Topics such as camping, points of the pony, plaiting, road safety, grooming and lots more can be learnt at two levels; mini for those starting out, and full versions for older members. 

We operate a graded Pony Club system for group activities, whether you're starting from scratch as a complete beginner, already have some riding experience or are a existing Pony Club member, you are able to slot straight in and join the fun! There are four main levels, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each are split in to three separate levels; Bronze 3 being the lowest, and for the lucky few that make it this far Platinum 1 being the highest. As you climb though the levels you will be encouraged to take your Pony Club exams separate to your Badges and progressive Awards. 

If your starting from scratch as a complete beginner, you will need to have private lessons until you are competent enough to join your first group lesson. Regular private and group activities are available Tuesday through to Sunday at a variety of times. Just login and see what sessions are available to you via our Website and book your lessons online!