We offer a comprehensive range of Adult and Pony Club group lessons, Adult riders are placed in one of three categories Novice, Intermediate or Advanced and Children are placed in one of four categories Pony Club Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Group jumping lessons are available to riders graded at Intermediate level or above and Pony Club silver level or above, for your own safety and the safety of others, riders at novice or bronze level are restricted to flatwork only lessons.

If you have any questions about progressing to the next level or wish to have a review of your grading, please ask your Instructor and they will gladly assist you.

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1 hour group lesson

  • £28.00

Sorry you are unable to book this type of session. Due to your new account, you need to complete an Assessment Lesson before we can open this option for you. If you have already had an Assessment Lesson, please contact the website admin to update your account type so that you can continue purchasing this activity.
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